Help 10 families in need - CA Wildfire (Paradise)

We at NBIAA are devastated by the unfolding of recent events in Butte County that has impacted so many lives. We want to express our sincere condolences to all the individuals facing a great loss from the  horrific fire in the town of Paradise and other parts of Butte County in Northern California.

The Butte County fire is the most destructive fire in California's history and has scorched more than 151,000 acres and left 79 dead plus many more missing. We also send our prayers to those affected by the Woolsey fire in Malibu that destroyed more than 96,000 acres and has affected many lives.

We want to share an important fundraising campaign lead by our 2 NBIAA members, Mithun Vora and Romil Rambia. Through their unrelenting efforts and your financial contributions, NBIAA will be able to help 10 devasted families directly impacted by the fire. NBIAA is a 501x3 nonprofit and your kindness comes with the added benefit of a tax deduction. 

Here is the link to the campaign where you can donate 

Donate towards the campaign here



Bringing India To NorthBay


NBIAA organizes events that are of interest to the growing Indian community in North Bay. Our goal is to bring the arts, culture, festivals and cuisine of India to North Bay. Throughout the year, we organize events like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Picnic, Singing and Dance competitions and Health Fairs to name a few.

Our website and mailing list connects the community and brings special interests like cricket, bridge and religious activities whenever possible.

Youth Committee

NBIAA has a very active Youth Committee that organizes their own get togethers and initiatives. Whether it is volunteering or organizing activites, kids of all ages have a way to interact and have fun with other kids in the community. If you or your kids are interested in joining the Youth Committee, reach out to:

President - Maya Deshmukh

Vice President - Lakshman Sundaram

Secretary - Shreya Thyagarajan

Treasurer - Komal Aery

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